Social Media Proposal

January 14, 2017

We're here to make WAVES.

We exist to provide effective social media support to businesses like yours who desire to reach a digital community with thoughtful and engaging content.

Whether you’re selling a product, re-launching your brand, or building momentum around a cause, social media is the most cost-effective way to talk directly to your community. We’ve seen so many brands struggle with this opportunity and instead of making an impact, they’re just making noise. As consumers ourselves, we decided to do something about it so that brands can be heard by people who will champion their cause. We’re for brands who understand this potential and have the guts to make waves online.

We <3 the internet.

Social media isn’t just our day jobs, we live for this stuff. We don’t “turn off” or take a break from social media during our off hours because we understand that social media doesn’t turn off either.

Here's a look at the team you could be working with:

Project Lead:

Mike Stinson, Creative Director | 604.446.9165

Mike is the creative brains behind all that we do and his work is anything but stale. Mike is charged with working with brands to develop strong visual content that brings value to their audience and aligns with their brand. He's shot campaigns for Spotify and has worked with Instagram, Snapchat, McDonald's, Lexus, and more. He also worked alongside DDB on multiple award-winning projects including the Not-for-Profit Print Series Award. His work is experimental and artsy, while pushing the boundaries just enough that it never goes out of your head. When he’s not behind the lens, he enjoys documentaries, board games, and exploring Vancouver's natural wilderness.


The Rest of the WAVES Team:

Mitzi Figueroa, Founder

Mitzi is a content marketer and social media strategist committed to helping brands engage with the online world. Armed with a journalism degree and a strong desire to make the internet a better place, Mitzi jumped into the world of marketing in 2010. From growth hacking for an online #EdTech platform, to launching a website and digital marketing strategy at a luxury lifestyle magazine, to managing a community of die-hard Indie Rock fans, and even covering the U.S. presidential election in Washington, D.C., Mitzi has spent her entire career staying on the pulse of social media.

Here's how we envision we could work together:

Content Creation & Ongoing Management

We believe that social media is the best way to share your unique story to the world. We have ideas for how to strengthen Lumon's overall social media presence and build awareness around your brand.  We'd love to take your social media channels to the next level with original content, community management support, and a strong online personality.


  1. Develop an overarching social media strategy to guide all activites.
  2. Produce high quality content to schedule and post on Lumon's social media feeds.
  3. Activate Lumon's existing community to participate in social activations and other promotions.
  4. Set measurable goals and track the progress of growth, engagement, and overall discovery.


We'll run an audit on all of Lumon's social media channels to better understand your existing community and set a starting point for growth and engagement. We'll use this information to put together a social media strategy that includes information regarding key messaging, best practices, and a content guideline. We'll also set up a framework for monthly social media activities and long-term planning. From there, the magic begins and our team will start producing thoughtful and engaging content. 


  • Monthly content creation and curation.

  • Scheduling and posting of content to all relevant social media channels. 

  • Community management and engagement.

Cost: $2,500 per month

Social Advertising

We believe that social media isn't just an opportunity to share your brand's story, it's also a way to connect your business with paying customers. The most cost-effective way to do that is through Facebook advertising. We've got the tools, methods, and expertise to share your story with your target customer while also reaching new audiences. 


  1. Create an advertising strategy that helps us get the highest return on investment. 
  2. Develop target audience lists to better understand your customer and reach new potential customers. 
  3. Showcase your brand to anyone who might be in the market for balcony glass, a sunroom, or any other Lumon product/service. 


WAVES will manage a monthly social media advertising budget for ads to appear on Facebook, Instagram, and partner publishing platforms. We'll make sure your ads are compelling, consistent, and visible to qualified audiences. We'll keep track of all metrics and make suggestions for how to optimize ads to deliver the best results. 


  • Management of social advertising budget. 

  • A/B test ads to discover strategy that delivers the best results. 
  • Maintain database of customers to reach new audience. 
  • Weekly reporting on advertising spend and effectiveness of social ads. 

Cost: $1,000 per month



Content Creation & Ongoing Management + Social Advertising

= $3,500 / month

Timeline of Events: 

Project Begins - February 1, 2017

Lumon and WAVES agree on terms and 50% monthly deposit is paid. WAVES begins the discovery process. 

Social Media Strategy Presentation: February 10, 2017

WAVES will present the Social Media Strategy to all relevant stakeholders and take feedback from Lumon's team. Once the social media and advertising strategy is approved, the remaining 50% monthly balance is due.

Launch of new social media strategy: February 15, 2017

WAVES will begin scheduling and posting content to be shared on Lumon's social media feeds. We'll plan and schedule content a month in advance. We'll also begin testing social ads to discover what works best for your audiences. We'll keep a close eye on all engagement and employ best practices to make sure all content is reaching relevant audiences.

Social Media Performance Report: End of each month

Social Media Advertising Report: End of each week

WAVES will send reports outlining all the activity that’s taken place as well as report on the engagement, ROI, and growth of all social channels. Payment for the next month's content and advertising will be due once reports are submitted. 

*All deadlines are approximate and subject to adjustment at the discretion of either Lumon and/or WAVES.


"We worked with WAVES to launch our social media campaign in tandem with the launch of our new website. The WAVES team brings energy, creativity, and great interpersonal skills combined with business acumen, attention to detail, and reliability to her work. We can count on WAVES to support our objectives to bring attention to online and distance education in Canada!" 

Heidi ErismanCanadian Virtual University


"Working with WAVES brought clarity to our social media strategy, and because we were essentially stating from scratch, we relied on Mitzi's expertise -- particularly with Instagram -- to guide us in our marketing initiatives. We trusted WAVES to guide our foray into social media marketing, and they came to us with crystal clear action items and recommendations based on up-to-the-minute trends. Having WAVES as an honorary member of the Guides team allowed us to focus on our core business and not worry about how we were going to launch on social platforms."


WAVES Case Studies

We can't wait to get started and make WAVES together!