Behind the Feed: Alfred Drinking Coffee

We <3 the Internet and we’re always on the hunt for brands and people who are using social media in new and creative ways. We’re highlighting the people behind some of our favourite social media accounts so you can learn more about their methods, inspiration, and where they’re going next. Social media evolves quickly but we're tracking it all with an enthusiastic flare because we’re eternally optimistic about the internet and we hope that you are too! Without further ado, we're pleased to introduce you to Alfred from @AlfredDrinkingCoffee.

Thanks for being with us! First off, tell us a bit about who you are and how your account started. 

My name is Alfred Zagloul and I'm an accountant at the Daily Hive (Vancouver). My co-workers noticed how much I love coffee and they told me that I needed to show the world how much I love coffee. So we started throwing around some ideas. At the Daily Hive we do a lot of Instagram stuff in general. Me and two other co-workers came up with the idea to do post a photo every day of me wearing a different coloured shirt. I thought it would just be funny for us and then it just blew up!

The whole concept of the Instagram account was to document a typical accountant, very blah. We thought we had to liven it up somehow and the best way to do that would be with the coloured shirts. The more we thought about how that would line up on Instagram with the shirts, the more we liked it so we just kept going with it.

Where are all your photos taken and how many coloured shirts do you own? 

All the photos are taken at the Daily Hive in front of the door right by my desk. I own one shirt in each colour (eight colours in total). 

Not only is your feed fun, it's also educational. Your captions are so descriptive and showcase your knowledge for coffee notes and flavours. Where did that passion come from? 

I started drinking coffee in University to get me through exams. My first job out of university was an accontant for Blenz Coffee and I started to drink so much coffee there. I started checking out different coffeeshops because I wanted to check out the vibe of different cafés. On the weekends, me and my friends would come into town to check out coffeeshops like 49th Parallel, Revolver, Timbertrain, and places like that. Next thing you know, I really got into coffee, it just happened. And I started to understand the difference of really good coffees and 'just-okay' coffees.

I noticed that you’re not a coffee snob. You include the little guys and the big corporate coffee giants. Why is that important for you?

Everyone likes different types of coffee. People message me all the time and ask me what my favourite kind of coffee is. My favourite isn't gonna be the same as everyone else. For me, it’s more about the experience than the coffee itself. The reason I’m so descriptive in my captions is because one type of coffee might appeal to someone who’s looking for that specific note. That’s kind of why I do it the way I do.

What’s your favourite café so far and what’s your favourite coffee to drink?

It’s so tough. I learned over the past 100 posts, I prefer fruitier notes. The fruitier, the better. I don't like super bitter coffees. 

I live in the suburbs so finding an amazing coffeeshop is difficult. That’s why when I’m working downtown, I want to walk around and check out different cafés in the neighbourhood. To me, it’s more about the experience of being in the café. I also like to go to different coffeeshops to people-watch. In the small neighbourhood that we live and work in, there’s so many varieties of cultures and that’s why I enjoy going to different cafés to check it all out.

"That’s what I like most about Instagram accounts - when the pictures speak for themselves."

Do you have any coffeeshop standouts that you like to visit?

Since work is right down the street, Revolver and Timbertrain are my go-tos. I’ll never say no to Starbucks, it’s just so easy to go to Starbucks. I tried to blonde espresso and I loved it. Coffee drinkers will hate on Starbucks but at the end of the day, coffee is coffee. 

One thing we really like about your account is the consistency of your overall aesthetic. What are your favourite social media accounts?

I have my friends that I follow, one of my co-workers Karolina Jez, and of course my boss Karm Sumal. In all honesty, Karm’s Instagram is the best because it’s so simple. He always has good captions and lets the photo speak for themselves. That’s what I like most about Instagram accounts, when the pictures speak for themselves.

Your following has grown much quicker than you expected. Do you have any goals or milestones you'd like to reach with your feed?

I have a couple goals. Obviously, the more followers the better. I want to keep people entertained but when it’s the same thing every day, it gets harder to entertain people. I want to keep people engaged so I know I need to find new ways to do that. I want to eventally branch out of just Vancouver and maybe do “Alfred visiting X city.” I have to think about the aesthetic of the page itself. I could maybe sell products, I don’t know. Partnering with cafés would be good too!

You've got one really funny mug that you use once in a while and I have to know, what's the story behind it?

We did a Secret Santa at work and one of my co-workers got me cofffee and painted that mug for me. When I saw it, I lost it! It’s my go-to mug now, it has to be. It was a random gift one of my co-workers gave me but how can I not use it in photos?!


—As told to WAVES. founder Mitzi Figueroa.