Team Intro: Mitzi Payne, Founder

Social media isn’t just our day jobs, we live for this stuff. Our passion for digital connection extends beyond our 9-5 hustle and is deeply embedded into almost everything we do. From the coffee shops we visit, to the music we buy, and even the friends we make, it's all influenced by social media and we couldn't be more excited about it! We <3 the Internet and we'd like to let you in on what makes it so special to us. Meet our fearless leader, Mitzi Payne:

Mitzi is founder and chief execution officer at WAVES. Armed with a journalism degree and a strong desire to make the internet a better place, Mitzi jumped into the world of marketing in 2010. She’s cut her teeth as digital marketing lead at Vancouver-based luxury lifestyle publications, spent a year growth hacking for promising #EdTech platform, to managing a community of die-hard Indie Rock fans. She even covered the U.S. presidential election in Washington, D.C. with the Washington Journalism Centre. When she's not staring at her phone, Mitzi is flying across Canada hunting for the perfect poached egg and dreaming of expensive couches.

Who: Mitzi Payne

Where: Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB

Special Skills: Project management, social media best practices, creative direction, expert brunch guide, and social advertising pro.

Instagram: @mmmitzi

Read through our interview via iMessage to learn more about Mitzi:

—As told to WAVES. Creative Director, Mike Stinson.

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