Case Study: Novo Esthetics Studio

Social Media Strategy and Content Development

Novo Esthetics Studio is an all-natural beauty spa in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Specializing in all-natural self care practices, Novo's unique approach to beauty sets this small an mighty studio apart. 

WAVES was tasked to put together a social media strategy that showcased their unique approach to all-natural skincare, as well as highlights the quality of care and service offered by their small team. Novo needed a strategy that gave them direction to where they should focus their efforts, how to post content on multiple channels, and how to create a consistent online presence that would capture conscious beauty customers. 

After evaluating their goals, we decided that Instagram would be the best place for Novo to build an audience around their unique brand values. WAVES put together an Instagram strategy that focused on building awareness around compelling, original content. We put together an easy-to-follow plan and taught Novo's team how to focus their feed on five main content pillars. We also taught the team how to schedule posts, create compelling captions, utilize hashtags, and activate local influencers.  

"All-natural beauty services designed to magnify your all-natural beauty." 

Finally, we understood that Novo's unique approach to beauty needed fresh visuals that compelled and inspired. The WAVES team coordinated monthly photo shoots in the studio with their clients and team members. We also decided to break up the visuals with inspirational graphics that resonated with Novo's unique audience and reinforced Novo's commitment to all-natural beauty practices. 


In just three short months, Novo Esthetics Studio walked away with over 180 pieces of original, high quality content and a solid plan for how to achieve social media success. 

WAVES helped Novo double their impressions and engagement on Instagram and engage with new audiences on Facebook, and even new customers who discovered Novo via Instagram. The combination of a constant social media presence paired with high quality content has ushered Novo enter into a new realm of social media mastery.

"I love social media, and I thought I was fairly good at using it but WAVES taught me how to take my social media game to the next level! Not only that, WAVES created original content for me to develop awareness about my brand.  As a small business owner, it's crucial that I choose partners that allow me to duplicate my efforts without taking me away from my day to day operations. WAVES made everything easy and I can hardly wait to work with them in the future as my business grows."

—Vicki Aitken, Novo Esthetics Studio