Case Study: Garmentory Insta Stories

Instagram Stories Strategy

Garmentory is a leading digital e-commerce platform for the fashion-forward and fashion-loving. The online marketplace provides an immersive, shoppable, easy to use e-commerce solution to over 3,000 indie boutiques and over 2,000 emerging designers shaping the future of fashion.

Garmentory's small and mighty team has a strong  understanding of their shoppers and how their online community speaks, shops, and engages online. The team watched the Snapchat craze take off and understood that in order for them to stay relevant to their audience, they needed to dive into the platform. 

WAVES was tasked with coming up with a Snapchat strategy for how they could utilize the platform, connect with their merchants, and bring engaging and valuable content to their discerning (and super cool) audience. 

Just as we began to roll up our sleeves and get started, Instagram rolled out Instagram Stories. Although we're big fans of Snapchat, we advised the team at Garmentory to dump the platform and jump onto Instagram Stories instead. This would allow them to deepen their relationships with their current Instagram followers (over 21,000 of them at the time) rather than starting on a new platform from scratch. 


The small team at Garmentory was already stretched to capacity when it came to their impressive social publishing schedule. With several daily social media updates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, not to mention their magazine and newsletters, they needed a strategy that fit in seamlessly with their current publishing cycle. They also needed a strategy that would allow them to showcase their merchant partners while also keeping all their other activations running. 


WAVES put together an Instagram Stories strategy that involves weekly takeovers by indie boutiques within the Garmentory network. Instagram Stories gave Garmentory's followers a peek into their wide network of fashion boutiques and highlights their authority within their industry, building trust and providing accessibility to under-the-radar fashion brands and boutiques along the way. 

Once we nailed down the framework, we supported Garmentory by including a step-by-step guide that they can pass along to the boutiques who are hosting the takeovers. The guide include a suggested timeline of what to show on their Instagram story, logistical details, and how they should be promoting their takeover on their own accounts.  


Steady growth - When we initially met with Garmentory, they were struggling to reach larger audiences and make a dent in their follower list. Since we started working together, they've seen a steady growth  in followers and have more than doubled their growth rate.

Retention - We like to think of Instagram Stories as a brand's own personal television channel and a strategic component for retaining new and old followers. Since launching Instagram Stories, Garmentory had a new avenue to engage their existing community, highlight current partners, and offer more exposure to newly signed merchants. 

"We really enjoyed working with WAVES. Social to put together an Instagram Stories strategy that allowed us to utilize our boutiques partners in a fun and engaging way. We could really rely on the WAVES. team to act as an extension of our social media brain to create a system that our team could run with. I would highly recommend WAVES. to any business who's looking for help with coming up with a plan for how to utilize Instagram Stories."

—Elisa Kosonen, VP of Communications, Garmentory