Case Study: Guides

Social Media Launch Strategy

"We live in the most amazing time in history where all the world's knowledge is available to us in our pocket." This is the guiding principle that drives the team at Guides to share user-generated media. Guides is a free publishing and hosting platform for sharing the world's information. Every day, thousands of thought-leaders use the platform to organize, showcase, and share their knowledge with others.  

Guides came to us just before they were ready to unveil their new brand and relaunch their website. The new version of the website completely changed the function of their platform from being a publishing channel to an immersive, engaging, user-populated platform. The team needed a strong digital marketing and community management strategy to support this change. 

Sharing the right message to the right people.

Guides is a modern-day instruction manual that aggregates the world’s best advice.

We knew that we needed to have a deep understanding of Guides' realigned vision and values before we started putting together a strategy. We started by narrowing in on the purpose behind their social media channels and came up with a launch message that felt true to their new brand. 

We completed a comprehensive audit on Guides' social media practices to discover what was working and what was falling flat. We also evaluated Guides' most active and engaged members and defined a target demographic. With all of this information in mind, we decided to focus all of our messaging to target a community of curious, entrepreneurial, urban users.

With a target demographic and key message in hand, next we had to figure out on the medium to deliver the message. Given their small team, we knew that they needed to double-down on every piece of content they created and find avenues of multiple-use for their posts. We recommended that Guides focuses their efforts on the channels that they were already seeing the most success in: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


Getting Organized

Once we identified what we wanted to say and who we wanted to say it to, we needed to organize all the content they already had and understand what content they needed to get. With a community of over 100,000 users, there was a lot of content to consider. 

We set up the team with a monthly content calendar that mapped out themes, subjects, and when they should be posting content. We also identified how often posts should be shared on each channel, how to schedule all their content, and set them up with an image bank for Instagram.

A true startup, Guides' main goal was to manage the workload involved in maintaining a strong social media presence. WAVES was able to support the relaunch of their new platform with a comprehensive strategy to guide all of their social media activities and allowed their team to execute the strategy with confidence.


The team at Guides had an incredibly successful launch week with some of the highest engagement they've seen to date. More importantly, the team felt empowered and equipped to launch the new platform to their existing community as well as share their message to new members. 

"We trusted WAVES to guide our foray into social media marketing, and they came to us with crystal clear action items and recommendations based on up-to-the-minute trends. Having the WAVES team as honorary members of the Guides team allowed us to focus on our core business and not worry about how we were going to launch on social platforms. " 

Alexa McConnellGuides