Team Intro: Rebekah Ho, Digital Content Strategist

Social media isn’t just our day jobs, we live for this stuff. Our passion for digital connection extends beyond our 9-5 hustle and is deeply embedded into almost everything we do. From the coffee shops we visit, to the music we buy, and even the friends we make, it's all influenced by social media and we couldn't be more excited about it! We <3 the Internet and we'd like to let you in on what makes it so special to us. First up: say hi to Rebekah Ho:

Photographer, professional marketer, and all-around savvy creative, Rebekah Ho joins the WAVES team as a digital content specialist. Her skills are especially important for gathering visual content and we’re proud to partner with her to bring our client’s Instagram game to a new level. When she’s not snapping photos, she’s scooping ice cream at our favourite creamery and dropping wisdom in 140-character increments on Twitter.

Who: Rebekah Ho

Where: Vancouver, BC

Special Skills: Photography, copywriting, creative direction, thinking in 140-characters, smiling for the camera, and hosting epic Thanksgiving dinner parties.

Instagram: @rebekah.ho

Twitter: @reebasaur

Read through our interview via iMessage to learn more about her and what she thinks the future of social media will look like. 


—As told to WAVES. founder Mitzi Figueroa.

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